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Have Romantic hearts follow mouse cursor
Search box to find texts on the pages
Snow effect on the page
Rain effect on pages
Today's date on pages with a nice calendar
A user mouse follower analog clock
Sparkles effect around mouse
Change the color of the scrollbar
Put password on your pages to protect your pages
Show welcome message to the visitor of your page
Make your website the visitor's homepage
Shake Internet Explorer
Print a page in HTML pages
Calculator in your page
Dancing status bar sliding
Background changing color
Messages user by clicking a button
Combo box link box to browse your website easily
Redirect to another page and link automatically
Different times of the world from a list
HTML Popup Window Code
Graphic bullets
HTML table placeholder
Html email form
Html protect email from spam
Making scrolling text with the use of the marquee tag
Mouseover Alert HTML Script
Choose a background
Changing Table Background Colors on Mouseover
Embedding Web Pages within page
Create a Gradient Background Effect
Open a new window on user leave
Redirect to a New Page
Colored Text Boxes
Customizing Horizontal Rules
Adding An Image Background To Your Tables
Add Color To Your Table Borders
How To Make Your Background Image Stationary
Replacing Your Standard HTML List Bullets With Graphic Bullets
Creating A Placeholder For An Empty Table
Changing Link Colors
Escape From Frame Link
Changing Web Page Margins
Auto Fill Email Subject
Status Bar Link Message
Highlighting Links and Text
Preventing Browser Cache
Preventing Search Engine Indexing
Removing A Link Underline
Music on your website
Marquee HTML Code
Window message
Unordered (un-numbered) List
Embedding a video file
Color using Inline Styles
Table color
Mouse Clock Cursor
HTML Cursor Code
Comment OUT HTML Code
Close Window Code
Overlap Text Code
Analog Watch
Mouse Clock
Color mouse clock
digital clock
Space in page
Changing background
Six dots around the the mouse cursor
six stars around the mouse cursor
Two lines around the mouse cursor
Beautiful text
Beautiful text two
shadow for text
check all - unchek all
choose your country
print your page
Page description
Keywords meta Tags
text box
Tumblr Theme
Another Contact us form
Keywords Meta Tag
Description Meta Tag
Robot Meta Tag - Preventing Search Engines Indexing and Following
Refresh Meta Tag - Redirect to Another Page
Author Meta Tag
Revisit-after Meta Tag - When Should the Search Engin Come Back?
Language Meta Tag
Reply-to Meta Tag
Abstract Meta Tag
Copyright Meta Tag
Bing (MSN) Search on Your Page
Google Search on Your Page
Marquee Tag (Moving Text)
Email Link with Subject setup
Table with All Borders
Contact us Form
Robot Meta Tag - Preventing Search Engines Indexing and Following
Refresh Meta Tag - Redirect to Another Page
Revisit-after Meta Tag - When Should the Search Engines Come Back
Comments Tag
Cursor Code
Beautiful and Stylish Table
Headings for HTML
Music Player
Link without Underline
Highlighting Links and Text in HTML
Link with Status Bar Description
Page Margins Change
Colorful Links
Page with Repeated Image as the Background
Table Color Effects
Table with Background Image
Horizontal Rules (Line Dividers)
Background Gradient Effect for HTML pages
Embeded Pages within another Page
Table with Background Color Change on Mouseover
Page Background Color Changing with Buttons
Link with Alert on Mouseover or mouse hover
Windows Media Playaer for Your Website (Play Audios and Videos)
Picture / Image as Submit Button
Different Font Styles without Using Fonts
Abbreviations and Tool Tip Texts (Information Box)
Inversed Direction Texts (Right to Left)
More Horizontal Lines for Separating Paragraphs
HTML Address Tag
Blockquote and q Tags - Different Ways of HTML Quoting
Style Sheet
Specify Where to Open the Link - Current Page/ Frame or the Other Ones
Images and Other Objects as Links
Page Parts Links - Catalog for Your Page
A Complete Email Link
Different Types of Ordered (Numbered) Lists
Different Types of Unordered (un-numbered) Lists
Graphic Bullets (instead od circles) for the Lists
New Stylish Lists
Multilevel Lists
Definition Lists
Login Form
Register Form
All Links with a one URL
Protected Page password
Stylish analog clock
Start count and stop Count
Newton's Cradle on HTML5 Canvas
HTML Div Scrollbox
Make a Simple Form
A small calculator
How to make lists using bullet
Registration form
Bouncing Marquee from Down to Top
Search Box with Fading Text Effect
Dynamic Border with Rainbow Effect
Auto Writing Caption for Figures Thumbnails
Logo with Dynamic Border
Link to Button Conversion Effect
Button Border Effect on Hover
Textarea with Emoji Insertion
Textarea with HTML Editor
Textarea with Colorful Blinking Text Cursor
Textarea with Limits on Characters Count
Auto-growing Textarea in New Lines
Various HTML Heading Styles
Various Headings for Boxes
Different Headings Combinations with Line Separators
HTML Text Selection Style
HTML Underline Text Effect on Hover
Editable HTML Paragraph Text
Random HTML Paragraph Color on Click
Attractive HTML Tab Style
HTML Image With Reflection Effect
Photo Thumbnail with Zoom Effect on Click
Elliptical Crop Effect on Image Hover
Image Color Change on Mouse Hover
Use of Images in HTML Tooltips
Beautiful HTML Calendar
Html Colorful Placeholder
Change Form Theme Color By Color Picker
Rotating Border with Animation
3D Rotating Text with Animating Border
3D Multiple Borders for aText
Moving Point around HTML Form in the Border
Auto Changing Text Color and Border Radius
Button Border with Rainbow Animating Background
Beautiful Checkbox with Auto-count Checkboxes Checked
Beautiful Sliding Radio Buttons Group
3D Pushing Radio Button
Colorful Stylish Radio Buttons
3D HTML Folded List
HTML Card List
Numeric List Icons
HTML Dynamic Todo List
Sliding Radio Button with Emojis
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